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Testing our autumn fertilizer on golf green.

On Saturday 29.9.18 we put our autumn fertilizer on to two greens. Place Kostionniemi Golf, Puumala, Finland. Evira (Finnish Food Safety Authority) approval 3A2 5 dry grain. Dosage 35 gr / m2, the composition; dried sludge 74%, ammonium sulfate 12%, potassium chloride 14%.

Fertilizer pot testing, interim info.

Official results of the pot tests will be published later on the autumn. In the meanwhile, some results for the 6.8.2018 measurements: 0 – soil only. Fertilized: B1 and B2 digested cow manure, N1,N2 and N3 Nanopar recycled fertilizers, based on to dried municipal sludge. Y1 and Y2 commercial fertilizers, made from non-renovable natural...

From waste to fertilizers!

EU produces about 60 million ton/year organic municipal waste water sludge. The quantity is growing year by year. EU uses 14 million ton/year commercial fertilizers, made from non-renowable natural resources. The sludge, if dried and added nutrients where applicable would replace 12 million ton/year commercial fertilizers. We have the technology, much more economical than...

Paskíer Process News

We are nearing the Project targets. The process pilot machinery; infrared dryer, mill, mixer and granulator are ready and easily upscaled to any production tonnage. We have obtained Evira (Finnish food safety authority) permissions for the fertilizers we have productized. The fertilizers are now being pot-tested by us and by LUKE (Natural Resources Institute...