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Nanopar is a company specializing in infrared drying, screening, classification and micronization. The headquarters and research facilities are in Puumala, Finland.

Nanopar develops sustainable, economical and compact infrared drying solutions to mining and process industries and municipal and industrial organic sludge drying applications.

The Paskìer® Process is the most effective, economical and ecologically sustainable drying technology for organic municipal and industrial sludge.  The sludge is dried to contain more than 90 % dry solids and can be used as a base for purpose made soil improvers.

The Paskier® Process is compact, affordable and is designed to be used on-site which provides substantial savings on the sludge transport cost.

Contact information:

Jaakko Kuntonen, CEO
+358 40 522 5635

Mari Bahrami, Marketing director
+358 46 6433726

Nanopar Ltd
Kotiniementie 16,
52200 Puumala

Business ID: 2148393-7

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