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Paskíer® Process

The paskier process is based on patented infrared drying technology.

The Paskíer® Process consists of vacuum assisted infrared dryer, mill, mixer, granulator, nutrient silos and packaging. The operation is fully automatic 24/7 and the Paskíer® Process plants are designed to be used on-site.

The dried sludge can be used as a soil improver by adding appropriate micro and macro nutrients.

The Paskíer® drying process destroys the bacteria and pathogens and enables the municipalities to meet the new EU landfill directives that oblige the member states to reduce the biodegradable landfills.

The Paskíer® process CAPEX and OPEX are much lower compared to other methods of sludge treatment.  The plant footprint is compact and for small and medium size waste water treatment plants the Paskíer® Process can be installed into two 40-ft. containers. A typical investment pay-back period is 2-3 years.

Average water evaporation rate for municipal sludge is 2 l H2O/kWh of power and the power cost is about 95% of the drying cost. Due to the low drying cost of the sludge the production of purpose made soil improvers is feasible, profitable and sustainable solution for recycling of valuable sludges.  The on-site drying means substantial savings to the municipal Water Boards because transporting of the sludge with high water content is not needed and construction of landfills are eliminated.

The project has been funded by the recycling of nutrients a pilot program.