How to process digestate into recycled fertilizers in a safe and profitable manner?

Nanopar supplies Paskíer®Process to a biogas plant testing environment in Mikkeli, Finland.

EcoSairila, a biogas plant in eastern Finnish town Mikkeli, is strengthening its circular economy know-how with a new demonstration and development environment, which is done as cooperation between South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, XAMK, and MetsäSairila ltd. In the new testing environment, for instance digestate processing and digestate-based recycled fertilizers will be studied and data gathered about them. Technology for the digestate processing in the testing environment will be supplied by Nanopar Ltd.

Nanopar’s Paskíer®Process was developed during the years 2018-2020 to process organic sludge and digestate into recycled fertilizing products. In the process, sludge or digestate are dried to over 90 TS, after which they are crushed; if necessary, nutrients are added, and again mixed, granulated, and packaged. The key technology in the process is the patented vacuum-assisted PSS-Nanopar mid-wave infrared dryer, which is the most energy-efficient drying method on the market.

The demonstration and testing environment at Sairila is a collaboration project between BioCir and BioLuuppi projects, and it received funding through the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, South Savo, European Regional Development Fund ERDF. In addition, the project has been financed by Etelä-Savon Energia Ltd, Suur-Savon Energiasäätiö, BioHauki Ltd and Juvan Bioson Ltd.

At Nanopar, we are happy to share more information about the project and the Paskíer®Process, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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