The Story

The history of Nanopar starts from the African continent in the eighties. When living in Tanzania, the future CEO of Nanopar, Jaakko Kuntonen, noticed that there is no rubbish on the streets. No rubbish because nothing was considered as waste. The observation led him to vision the whole world like that.

Later, in South Africa, Jaakko was talking with a local worker, who quoted a zulu phrase ngeke ukwazi uju shit meaning one cannot turn shit into honey. The challenge stuck in Jaakko’s head for the coming thirty years.

After returning to Finland and starting to work as the chairman of the local co-operative water board, he remembered his African experiences. Could sewage sludge be a source of income instead of being an expense that needs to be transported out of sight? And more importantly, could it be considered a source of material for further processing instead of being treated as waste to be disposed? In other words, can one turn shit into honey?

The core idea of Paskíer® was born.

Now, after some years of intensive research and development we are proud to announce that we certainly can do that. With Paskíer® sludge treatment process you can turn shit into honey – or money – which ever expression suits you best.

How, you ask.

Paskíer® is based on a patented vacuum-assisted infrared drying method. It is easy to use, efficient, sustainable and its CO2-eq is considerably lower than the CO2-eq of other sludge treatment methods.

We are eager to tell you more via email, phone call or online meeting so do not hesitate to contact us: marketing: 46 6433726 or administration: 40 5225635

Let us enhance shit’s reputation!

Paskíer Paskier sludge process
Paskíer(R) sludge-based recovered nutrients